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Our Faith

Faith Formation

From the time we are young we are all on a journey.  Our faith is an intensely personal thing and represents our relationship with God.  We may struggle with it at times, but most recognize the importance of growing in our Faith.  Here we are happy to provide helpful sites, and resources to guide you along your way.  Click below for more.

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Wisdom of the Saints

Our Catholic faith represents the richest intellectual tradition in human history, and much of its wisdom comes from revelations from our canonized Saints.  Clicking below will allow you to review a compilation of wisdom from a number of our best know Saints and Doctors of the Church.

Our Ministries

Guided by our Church's teachings on Social Justice, the Knights of Columbus participate in a broad array of ministries designed to help those in need.  "What so ever you do for the least of these, you do to me."  Click below to get a sense of the works we do in our community.

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