Our Faith is one of the most personal facets of our being. As Catholics, we all struggle with our Faith at times.  And as men we have unique challenges we face everyday in staying true to the morals and behaviors our Faith teaches us are necessary to lead good and fruitful lives. 

As a Catholic organization, The Knights of Columbus strive to provide our members with an environment which supports our Faith and its ongoing formation.  Our monthly council meetings feature group prayer including the Rosary.  The council is made aware of all those in need of prayers, and our members privately pray for them during that month.  In addition, a monthly gathering of "The Saturday Morning Boys" provides a unique opportunity for Catholic men to read and reflect in an open and genuine discussion on the readings and Gospel for Sunday Mass. The discussions are insightful, profound, and sometimes even funny.  They never fail to leave you thinking about your faith, your relationship with Jesus, and your life in new ways.  All Catholic men are welcomed to join this group whether you are a Knight or not.

Periodically, The Knights will be hosting events designed to help in Faith formation which will be open to all to attend.  They will be announced in our Parish Bulletins as well as in the Needham Times.  We hope to see you there.

Finally, the works of our Council are a reflection of the quote often attributed to Saint Francis, "Preach the Gospel always, and when necessary use words."

And of course we encourage you to join your local parish and attend Mass weekly.  Links for your local parishes are found at the bottom of our Home page.  This site also has an "our parishes" page under the "about" tab on the main menu where you can find the Mass schedules and Confession times for our local parishes.

Helpful Faith Formation Resources 

Word on Fire:  The first and maybe best on-line ministry, started by Bishop Robert Barron, provides extraordinary Catholic wisdom, insight and teaching which are as up to date and relevant as your Facebook news feed.  It features videos, weekly homilies, and terrific movie commentaries.  Find them at 

The Catechism of the Catholic Church:  If you have questions about the teachings of the Church and want a definative answer, here's an easy to navigate on-line rendering of Catholic teachings from

The Reason For Our Hope:  Father Larry Richards from Eerie, PA has an on-line ministry geared towards men which is straight to the point and direct.  His recorded weekly homilies are gentle when he needs to be, but Father Richards doesn't pull any punches.  Great wisdom, passion and storytelling. As he says, "Your life will be changed forever!"  Find him at

Father John Riccardo's Facebook Podcast page:  Father Riccardo is a no-nonsense speaker who speaks in unvarnished talks about the Church's teachings, inspiring stories, and the importance of having a relationship with Jesus Christ.  You just can't turn him off.

Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN):  America's first Catholic Cable Network has evolved into a media organization which is global in scope.  Whether TV, Radio, Print Media, or Internet, EWTN is there with high quality programs, articles and audio recordings to help you dive deeply into Church teachings and their application in our world today.  Check them out at:

Catholic Radio:  1060 AM in Boston is The Station of The Cross.  Maybe you're thinking, "WHAT must Catholic radio be like?!"  Well, try it out.  Many people listen once and get hooked.  Like any radio station you'll find some programs you love and maybe a couple you don't care for, but it's still better than Top 40 POP!  And for a calmer morning commute, Mass is at 8:00 AM every morning!  Listen live!

CRUX:  Our aim is to be a “one-stop-shopping” destination for the best in Catholic news, analysis and commentary. Born in September 2014 as a project of the Boston Globe, today we’re an independent Catholic media outlet, operated in partnership with the Knights of Columbus and supported both by our advertisers and by a number of other Catholic organizations, institutions and individuals.  Find them at

Each month, in this spot you will find a brief video to help address common questions or concerns Catholics have about their faith, or signs of faith in contemporary culture.  These will come from various sources and are all meant to be helpful in our journey.  Enjoy!

March's Video

Refilling The Pews

Haven't Been To Mass In A While?  You're Not The Only One.

Maybe We Can Help.

It's no secret that Mass attendance is down, way down.  There are undoubtedly a variety of reasons for this and the decision not to attend Mass is an extremely personal one.  Reasons can range from outrage over the child abuse scandal to you "just got out of the habit", and everything in between.  

If you have a small voice inside that now and then reminds you that today is Sunday (and you know what that means) maybe you're being quietly called back.  Maybe you aren't even sure you want to come back.  If you'd like to talk with someone about your situation, but are not comfortable talking with a priest, maybe we can help.   


It can be a difficult thing to have an open frank discussion about your religion and faith, but if you're willing to do so the Knights would be pleased to sit down with you and talk openly, frankly and confidentially about your faith and circumstances. Sometimes just venting can be helpful.  Vent away!  Or perhaps you disagree with one or several Church teachings or you're looking for clarity about them.  Maybe you've decided you want to come back, but are not ready to jump back in with both feet.  We're here for you.

We are not evangelists.  We are not theologians.  We are not priests or deacons.  And we're not Holy-Rollers.  We are simply Catholic men who struggle every day with our lives, our faith and our family responsibilities.  We try to live by the teachings of our faith and Mass is a central feature of that.  We probably can relate to your situation pretty quickly, as many of us drifted for years ourselves.  We may even be able to address your beef with the Church.  If nothing else, we can provide an ear to listen, a sounding board to bounce your concerns off of, and offer our perspective which may, or may not, be helpful to you.  No guarantees, just a sincere offer to listen and help if we can.

The resources listed on the left include some links to some extraordinary Catholic speakers (primarily priests) who have addressed many of the issues which have caused so many Catholics to leave. We encourage you to explore these sites, listen to the Homilies, watch the videos, read the articles.  So many men, even after years of Catholic school, who felt they knew the Church's teachings find that they actually didn't quite have it right, or maybe never saw the forest for the trees, and once they see things clearly they come home happily.   Could that be you?  We hope you enjoy these sites!

Know that you are missed.
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