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Time for Tootsies!

When:              Oct. 16th thru November 21st!

Where:             St. Bart's Church, St. Joes' Church, Sudbury                               Farms and Dunkin' Donuts

Why:                 Helping God's special children

Proceeds:        Children and Adults with Physical and mental                           disabilities

Plus!                You get a Tootsie Roll as a Thank You!

You'll see us around town in October and November collecting.  Please help as often as your situation allows, and may God bless you for your generosity!

Net Proceeds to    Benefits Children and Adults with Physical and Mental Disabilities

For generations, the Knights of Columbus have donned our vests and "begged" for money in public spaces to benefit children with disabilities.  In more recent years our reach has broadened to include adults as well.  We are among the largest supporters of Special Olympics, having donated over $600 Million over the years!  Funds collected are also used locally to help our neighbors with special equipment or services they can not afford.  But we can not do it without you!  Every nickel, dime, quarter, or bill you drop in our canisters goes to support the needs of someone carrying the heavy burden of a physical or mental disability.  May God bless you for your generosity!  And here...take a Tootsie Roll as a thank you!

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