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(a sampling of videos from Bishop Robert Barron from

Who God is and Who God isn't.
(10 Min.)

Original Sin
(10 Min.)

The Meaning of the Holy Trinity
(10 Min.)

Nature and Grace
(10 Min.)

God and Morality
(10 Min.)

The Disorienting Quality of Real Prayer
(10 Min.)

Sexuality, Sacrifice and Love
(10 Min.)

Faith, Hope and Love
(10 Min.)

Should Suffering Shake Our Faith?
(9 Min.)

Sainthood, Sanctity and What Makes Us Holy
(54 Min.)

Evangelizing the Culture
(1 Hr. 30 Min.)

Religion and the Opening Up of the Mind (at Google HQ)
(55 Min.)

How to Have a Religious Argument (at Facebook HQ)
(43 Min.)

Discussion with Jordan Peterson #1 
(1 Hr. 38 Min.)

Discussion with Jordan Peterson #2 
(1 Hr. 51 Min.)

Knocking Holes in the Buffered Self
(1 Hr. 7 Min.)

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