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Haiti Packathon: On June 12 & 13 from 10:00 to 4:00,  Help us pack 100,000 meals to relieve the suffering in Haiti.


The Knights of Columbus are committed to protecting and defending the dignity of all human life, religious liberty and the family.

Pope Francis' Monthly Prayer Intentions 
For the month of  June, 2021

The Beauty of Marriage...

K of C College Scholarship

The Knights of Columbus College Scholarship program is back!  We are now accepting applica- tions for FOUR scholarships to be awarded for the school year begining in Fall 2021.

New On-Line Membership


Now you can join the Knights of Columbus on-line without joining a specific council.  This new membership option gives you many of the benefits of a traditional member with the option to upgrade to a full council membership at any time.

Our College Scholarship Application Period is Closed.

The application period for our College Scholarships for the school year starting in Fall 2021 is now closed.  We would like to thank all those who submitted an application!  Details of the program including qualifications, scholarship amounts, application process and actual applications can be found by clicking "learn more" below.  Good Luck!

The names of the four scholarship recipients will be officially announced on June 2nd at our monthly council meeting.

Support Our Catholic Schools

Helping cancer patients

We are blessed to have two outstanding Catholic schools here in Needham.  In a town with strong public schools, our Catholic schools offer an environment which is an academic match, but add an essential element to the education of our children: Faith.  The teachings of our faith are woven into the fabric of everyday life at our schools.  They inspire our children to reflect the Goodness God has instilled in them as his precious children, and that all people are gifted with a human dignity which is bestowed upon them by God.  As such we are called to love and care for one another as Jesus loves and cares for us.

Wall Street Journal Article: "The Catholic School Difference"  Click Here

Crowning of Mary -  May Procession at St. Joseph Church on May 9. 2021.

Our Faith in Contemporary Culture

The Catholic faith had had an enormous impact on cultures all over the world for two thousand years.  And it continues to do so.  


You can see the Church's teachings, ethics, and philosophies all around us everyday.  Many don't even recognize it.


Art, education, medicine, law, social justice, literature, entertainment and more have all been profoundly shaped  by our faith.  In this space we will give you some contemporary glimpses of a faith that is alive and well in our world today.  Enjoy.