Knight Of The Year Award

2018 Knight Of The Year Award presented to Christopher Kent (left) by Grand Knight Paul Deeley (center) and Past Grand Knight Bob Timmerman (right).

The Knight Of The Year Award is presented by The Grand Knight to a fellow Knight who has made a significant contribution to the council over the previous year.  The contribution is usually one of spirit and involvement.  Hence members who are especially active and have exerted a strong positive influence on the spirit, involvement and good works of the council are likely candidates for this award.  The recipients exemplify the giving nature of the Knights and lead by example through their hard work, dedication, creativity, and dependability when needs arise.

Members who receive this honor have their names engraved on a plaque which is displayed in the hall for all to see, along with previous Knights of the Year recipients. 

The Grand Knight's Award

Every year The Grand Knight, in collaboration with the council officers selects a member of the council to receive the Grand Knight's Award.  Recipients are chosen for a variety of reasons.  Often a member is chosen because he is seen as an example of the Knight's values of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity.  Other times a member is chosen based on a particular contribution he has made to the council's work, reputation or impact on the community.  Finally the recipient may be selected based on his lifetime contribution to the council's success and good works.  Other factors may also help guide the Grand Knight's choice as well.  Grand Knight Award recipients are commemorated on a plaque which hangs in our hall.

No member achieves this honor on their own, but rather as a result of the support and inspiration of the rest of the council which strives always to do God's work as often as can be managed.  

2018 Grand Knight's Award presented to Kenneth Gustin (left) by Grand Knight Paul Deeley (right).

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